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Crew is another significant NFT in the Space Nation Project, and it features a unique progression system compared to other assets in the game. Many Crew members also possess fun and exciting features, which players can discover during gameplay. Additionally, thanks to AI technology, each Crew member will be granted a distinct personality based on their race, faction, position, and character etc. They can dynamically adapt to player actions, making them feel like real individuals. As a result, Crew is an essential aspect of the vivid universe that shapes the game's colorful space opera. The acquisition and upgrades of Crew are relatively independent in the game, mainly obtained through purchases. The growth of Crew NFTs does not consume resources in the game's economic cycle.

Crew NFTs in our game will have a strong interoperability feature, making it a hub to connect with the external world. Although spaceships could serve a similar purpose in some cases, we will exercise caution in implementing this. We also plan to create special alien races for the top-tier NFT series in the market.

Players who own Crew NFTs will be rewarded with special bonuses and buffs in future Web2 Space Nation subsidiary games, and they will be able to cross-play their Crew NFTs with those in other upcoming Web3 Space Nation subsidiary games.