Closed Beta 2.0 announced!
An expansive universe is about to unfold! Alongside all the features in Closed Beta 1.0, numerous new elements await discovery. Enjoy your journey in new ship rentals, expanded guild gameplay, PVP gameplay, Equipment NFT, Camouflage Customization, the APE faction and planet, and more. Most importantly, the Proof of Contribution is reopening!
Space NFT Registry
NFTs can only be used in game after registration. The rental period for ships in the game cannot exceed the NFT Registration period. In the POC settlement, only NFTs that are in the registered state will be counted.
Logistikos, the Captain Panel of Space Nation
Logistikos is the Space Nation Membership platform, playing a significant role of our ecosystem, offering missions, activities and rewards, which offers long-term, continuous membership service.
Space Nation: Orion
Space Nation: Orion is a social lite game, currently available on X, and soon on Telegram and Discord, as part of the Space Nation Franchise. In Space Nation: Orion, you pilot a ship, interact with social accounts and content, gather resources to build your base, and compete with rivals and top Orion players.
Space Fleet Recruitment Program
Welcome to the newly enhanced Space Fleet Recruitment Program! We're on the hunt for exceptional talent, and every skilled individual has the opportunity to earn at least 2.5% fuel refunds and unlock thrilling future rewards like WL and exclusive Soulbond NFT Token. Join us to be part of something extraordinary!
Find The Immutables
Space Nation Crew: The Immutables, is a partnership between Space Nation and Immutable, introducing our inaugural collection of Crew NFTs in a limited edition series. As a game-based NFT, it's designed to offer broad and engaging functionality within the Space Nation Franchise.
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