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We have created a diverse range of NFTs for Space Nation Online, strictly adhering to 3 basic rules when designing our NFTs in the game:

  1. Prioritizing gameplay and game balance

  2. Ensuring no negative impact on the virtual game world

  3. Striving to add value to the game design or enhance the overall gaming experience

Aside from than above, "reasonableness" is also taken into account, with innovation in game design being another consideration. We believe that NFTs have significance beyond asset ownership and can enhance gameplay, interoperability, composability, and connections within the ecosystem. Our goal is for the key Space Nation NFTs (ships and crews) to extend beyond a single Space Nation game, first covering most of the Space Nation IP projects and then aiding in fostering connections with external ecosystems and facilitating cross-ecosystem interactions.

Based on these views, the current NFTs designed include the Alpha Gate, Prime Navigator, Spaceships, Crews, Crafting Items, Artifacts, and Warrants. Each NFT has its own unique role within the ecosystem and serves a meaningful purpose without overlapping. For instance, the Genesis Collection is a certificate for the project's earliest contributors, and holding these long-term can yield significant project value. The other NFTs will have game functions, and Spaceships and Crews will be playable across multiple games in the Space Nation ecosystem, offering a range of gameplay experiences.