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Logistikos, the Space Nation Membership platform, plays a significant role of our ecosystem, offering missions, activities and rewards, which offers long-term, continuous membership service.

Logistikos is the second gathering place for players outside the game. Daily Check-in, social interaction, raffles, reward airdrops, Launchpad and other functions and activities are held on this platform. At the same time, Logistikos also records your footprint in Space Nation. All the identities you have obtained in Space Nation will be displayed, such as OG, Ambassador; all the Space Nation NFT you own will be displayed, such as Alpha Gate, Prime Navigator; all the important events you have experienced in Space Nation will be presented as STAR (a kind of Soul-bound Token), such as three times of Alpha testing.

At the same time, Logitikos records your relationship network in Space Nation. You can see who invited you to Space Nation, and you can see who you have invited to Space Nation. Through activity in Space Nation, you and your friends will share rewards on the platform. In the future, your Space Nation social network will be built and reflected on Logistikos. You will be able to easily find your friends, visit their profile pages, communicate with them in real time, view their activities, or invite them to meet in Space Nation Online.

After the Space Nation Soft Launch, it means that all players can enter the game at the first time. Logistikos will enter the second stage of its life cycle. As a platform for publishing the games/projects and as Space Nation Companion, it connects players with various end products. At the moment,

  • Logistikos will provide more web functions related to Space Nation Online.
  • Logistikos will connect Space Nation Online, Project Grok, and other products.
  • Some platform features will be integrated with Logistikos, such as social networks, DAO Governance.

What you see at Logistikos now is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a comprehensive and ambitious design for it. Our goal is to build an on-chain ecosystem. We aim for players to immerse themselves in this world and gain a profound understanding of Space Nation by actively participating in the platform’s activities.

How to join Logistikos

To get started with Logistikos, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Logistikos portal

  2. Sign up with your email address, and connect your wallet

  3. Connect your Twitter, Discord to get a start the journey