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Vision and Missions

Our Vision for Space Nation Online is:

To build a living, breathing space universe where people with different purposes can live, fight, socialize and be proud of their accomplishments!

Our Missions for Space Nation Online are:

  1. A true game that satisfies both Web2 gamers and Web3 users, with seamless conversion in between.
  2. A sustainable ecosystem in the game and on the blockchain.
  3. Allow interoperability of assets between the game worlds and outside worlds.
  4. Expand beyond the game and create an original universe like the best of Hollywood Space Opera.

Space Nation Online is a AAA Space Opera Web3 MMORPG that has been developed over the course of three years with a total budget of around 40 million USD. The game is led by a team of MMORPG veterans and an academy award-winning Hollywood movie director, Roland Emmerich. With a focus on building a complex and sustainable game economy on Web 3 rails, Space Nation integrates both P4F and P2E elements, making it appealing to both massive Web2 gamers and selected Web3 users. The game's immersive and in-depth space opera setting offers endless possibilities for players to build their own unique identities, while the community-building aspect of the game fosters lasting friendships that can span across the virtual and real worlds. As one of the first high-quality AAA Web3 games in the market, Space Nation has the potential to bridge the gap between web2 gamers and web3 users and set the standard for Web3 Gaming.