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Proof of Contribution

Proof of Contribution is a system by Space Nation to distribute OIK incentives through games. This is a very important feature because we will distribute 50% of the OIK through POC during the operation of the game for many years. We have put this feature into testing from the Closed Beta, testing its functionality and rationality.


  1. OIK Reward = (Personal Season Score / All Players’ Score) * OIK Allocation
  2. Personal Season Score = Minimum(Active Challenge Pts / 1000, 1) * (0.1 * Completion-type Achievement + 3.25 * Holding-type Achievement) * Achievement Booster
  3. All Players’ Score = The sum of all players’ personal season score

Every hour, based on the current Personal Season Score and All Players’ Score, an estimate is made of the OIK that can be obtained under the current situation. This does not mean that you can get these OIKs at the final settlement. This will change dynamically according to the growth of your and other players’ Personal Season Score.

The OIK rewards are settled according to the equations each season. The settlement time is 18:00–24:00 UTC on the last day of the season. After the settlement starts, any new activities and achievements will no longer be counted in the Personal Season Score for this season.

After completing the settlement, you will receive an email notifying you of the number of OIK rewards obtained this season. At the same time, you can check the added OIKs on your personal homepage on Logsitikos.

Active Challenge Points

Each season, you earn Active Challenge Points by completing specific activities. Accumulating Active Challenge Points can increase the parameters of the achievement contribution calculation (Active Challenge Pts / Target Challenge Pts), up to 100%. Player can get 100% achievement contribution calculation when you reach The Target Challenge Pts per season.

Which specific activities Space Nation encourage people to take part in? MMORPG is a huge virtual society. There are popular activities in the society, and there are unpopular activities. For example, some general demands are not high, no one provides, but it is very important for individual players but they cannot get it by themselves. For example, when the large troops of players have reached the high-level area, new players may face the difficulty of completing difficult tasks in the low-level area without teaming up. We hope to support these unpopular activities that do not have a high cost-performance ratio, give Active Challenge Points, and guide players to participate in them. In this way, players who need help get help, players who provide help get OIK, and we get the prosperity of the entire game society, achieving a win-win-win situation. This is the philosophy and principle of active points. And this is also one of our definitions of Contribution.


Achievements are divided into Completion-type Achievement and Holding-type Achievement. Completion-type Achievement is given after achieving certain challenges in the game world. Simply put, for example, the adventure rank reaches level 5, difficultly, for example, occupying a planet multiple times (not available in Closed Beta).

Holding-type Achievement is given according to the NFT held in the wallet. When NFT is transferred out of the wallet, the corresponding achievement will be removed. Holding Alpha Gate, Prime Navigator, Enforcer Founder Edition Spaceship, will all be counted into this type of achievement.

Achievement Booster

Holding Alpha Gate gets a percentage boost of total achievement points, so called Achievement Booster.

Nebula Dawn2.5%
Deep Space3%
Solar Flare4%

OIK Allocation Schedule in POC

SeasonTime (UTC)OIK AllocationStatus
[#0001]Closed_Beta_I_Pre_Season_12024-04-01 ~ 2024-04-19650,000Allocated
[#0002]Closed_Beta_I_Pre_Season_22024-04-19 ~ 2024-04-27750,000Allocated
[#0003]Closed_Beta_I_Pre_Season_32024-04-28 ~ 2024-05-06850,000Allocated