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How can you earn in Space Nation


People are always curious about how to gain benefits in games. This is not a mindset unique to Web3 players. In successful Web2 MMORPGs, there is also a group of players accustomed to deriving benefits from the game through time, skill, and resource investment. Without a doubt, this is a feature of MMORPG — a game-driven virtual society. Let’s delve into how Space Nation Online implements “EARN”.

We have divided “Earn” into two categories:

  1. The first category is value exchange among players. External value flows from Play for Fun to Play to Earn.
  2. The second category is the value exchange between Space Nation and players. Space Nation incentivizes all players who contribute to the game world.

Both categories will be unveiled in the Closed Beta.

Earn from game circulation

Space Nation Online is committed to building a space virtual society. In this society, players will choose different play styles according to their preferences, such as miners, fighters, plunderers, explorers, spaceship manufacturers, arms dealers, rulers, etc. These roles participate in economic activities and exchange their value. Usually, Play for Fun oriented players prefer to input external value (ETH, OIK, USDT…) to exchange for internal value (equipment, ships, game progress, honor). Play to Earn oriented players prefer to provide internal value in exchange for external value. Through economic activities, resources are allocated reasonably, ultimately realizing the conversion and accumulation of external value to internal value, which is, the overall development of Space Nation.

MMORPGs build a stable player community through gameplay and social interactions. The economic activities of the game are long-term and stable, so players can comfortably capture the value flowing in from outside. If asked how long is long-term, the answer is more than 10 years.

The above description may be a bit abstract, so let’s look at it from specific gameplay.


The first thing you need to do is to get a mining ship, whether it’s by manufacturing, buying, or leasing. The game offers multiple ways to obtain a mining ship. After arriving at the mining area with your mining ship, you can start mining mineral with your laser cutter. You can sell the mineral in exchange for Space Nation Online’s currency, CHR. Ultimately, you choose whether to use CHR to upgrade or buy more advanced equipment, ships to improve mining efficiency, or to sell CHR on the Marketplace to other players in exchange for other Tokens like OIK, IMX, ETH, etc. The choice is entirely up to you.

Who will buy the mineral? Mineral refiners desperately need mineral. They process mineral into materials that can be used for production. These materials are essential for the final production of equipment and ships. The demand is usually very high. Note that mineral refiners are not NPCs; they are also a type of player gameplay. Some ambitious miner players may choose to integrate the mineral refining profession to earn more profits.

Why upgrade the mining ship? More advanced mining ships can obtain rarer mineral. They are necessary for the manufacture of advanced equipment and ships and are expensive. To mine minerals, more potent mining ships are essential. Upgrading it is a good investment.

Are skills or strategies required? The operation of mining itself is straightforward, but what crew, equipment, and mining ship to use requires experience and strategy. Also, on a higher level, understanding the current supply and demand of various minerals can significantly increase mining profits. Overall, compared to fighters, the operation of miners is relatively simple.

How’s the profit? Top miners or mining organizations have the pricing power of minerals, and their profits are substantial and stable. Ordinary miners, although they need to sell minerals at market prices, can usually capture a margin above cost due to robust and stable demand.


There are various ways to participate in combat. Some battles don’t require much investment and can get CHR, materials, blueprints, such as doing tasks, farming in the wild, instances. These often bring gains. Other battles require a lot of resources and can yield top-notch equipment, honor, etc., such as guild wars, tournaments. These often require a lot of resource input. Also, due to the influence of combat skills and random factors, both gains and investments vary significantly.

Players who choose the combat route vary widely; some earn external value through skills, while others reach the peak of fighters through investment.


Explorers can exchange the information they obtained while exploring the known space boundaries, turn it into treasure maps, sell them to guilds, and get rewarded. This is an activity that tests luck immensely. It is tough to ensure gains, but the investment is much lower compared to mining and combat.

Moreover, exploration itself is an integral part of MMORPG play; there are always people passionate about uncovering the mysteries of this world.

Arms Dealers

Compared to the three gameplay mentioned above, arms dealers don’t directly participate in the game’s production activities. But they provide liquidity for commodities by buying low and selling high. They are like Exchange’s Liquidity Provider and Market Maker, very easy to understand.

Value Flow

The four types of gameplay mentioned above are just part of the gameplay involving “earn” in Space Nation. As mentioned at the beginning, various roles exchange their value in economic activities. Any behavior that can capture external value can be used to earn profits. The value provided can be classified into three categories: production value, service value, emotional value.

Production value: raw material acquisition, production processing, etc.;

Service value: employment, liquidity provision, etc.;

Emotional value: socializing, competition, etc.

In Space Nation, Play for Fun oriented players input external value, which is captured by Play to Earn players in economic activities. The driving force of this formula lies in satisfying the needs of Play for Fun, and the game contents and social connections that Space Nation Online as an MMORPG can provide are the key to achieving this. So we are very confident in developing a good game circulation in the next 10 years, driving Earn with Fun, and supplying Fun with Earn.

All types of players together promote the continuous development of the Space Nation Online as a virtual world — the improvement of game progress, the accumulation of assets, the precipitation of social networks. All the players are contributors to the virtual world’s development. Earn from game circulation is value exchange among players. For players’ contributions to the world, we have designed Proof of Contribution to do value exchange between Space Nation and contributor.

Earn from contribution

Space Nation plans to distribute 50% of total OIK supply to all game contributors, which is, all those who participate in the game, through gameplay over a 10-year period. Proof of Contribution is the primary mechanism for distributing OIK. It is a complex, reliable, and fair system for measuring players’ contributions to the game. In this system, a player’s assets, identity, memorabilia, activity, labor, interaction, combat ability, and luck will be taken into account and comprehensive Contribution Points will be calculated. Players will be distributed OIK from the Gameplay Airdrop Pool weekly based on points.

As Space Nation Online progresses, Contribution keeps increasing. More and more assets, identities, active projects will be added to the algorithm. So Proof of Contribution is a progressive system. The more resources, money, assets, and time you put into Space Nation, the greater your contribution to this virtual world, so you will get more OIK.

It’s worth mentioning that Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator, as Genesis NFT Assets, will significantly boost Contribution Points. But this is just the beginning. You will find that they will help holders get OIK in the long term in Proof of Contribution, as long as you participate in the game.

POC Equation:

Season Score = Minimum(Active Challenge Pts / 1000, 1) * (0.1 * Completion-type Achievement + 3.25 * Holding-type Achievement) * Achievement Booster

We have a long way to go on POC. 50% of OIK will be released through POC. The reason why we release POC from Closed Beta instead of Commercial Launch is because we hope that players will understand our method of allocating OIK sooner as possible. This is our main way of distributing OIK. Players contribute to the game ecology by playing the game and get OIK. As for what is a contribution to the game, and what is a contribution to MMORPG, I have a special view: MMORPG is a huge virtual society. There are popular activities in the society, and there are unpopular activities.

Example #1, some general demands are not high, no one provides, but it is very important for individual players but they cannot get it by themselves.

Example #2, when the large troops of players have reached the high-level area, new players may face the difficulty of completing difficult tasks in the low-level area without teaming up.

We hope to support these unpopular activities that do not have a high cost-performance ratio, give Active Challenge Points, and guide players to participate in them. In this way, players who need help get help, players who provide help get OIK, and we get the prosperity of the entire game society, achieving a win-win-win situation. This is the philosophy and principle of active points. And this is also one of our definitions of Contribution.