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Previously, the development of MMORPGs demanded a significant workload to generate numerous assets and content to fulfill the expansive virtual world. At Space Nation, we firmly believe that AIGC can augment gameplay and propel Space Nation to a superior level of quality even if we are only at a smaller size of a team. Although AIGC is a nascent technology, its potential is highly promising, and we are optimistic that it will enhance the gaming experience and elevate Space Nation to new heights.

Space Nation is collaborating with various AIGC partners to investigate the potential of the following domains:

  • AI-generated concept art
  • AI-generated modeling and rendering
  • AIGC for defining the personalities of in-game NPCs and NFT Crews and more.

More details coming soon.

We extend our special thanks to Renjie Lee, who has been a great support and source of inspiration for us throughout our exploration in the aforementioned areas, since he joined us as our very first advisor in summer 2022.