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Partnership Outlook

Partnership in Space Nation

Web3 is an open world, where we are committed to seeking like-minded partners, developing together, and seeking win-win situations.

MMORPG is an open virtual world, where we are dedicated to incorporating our partners in the Web3 world into this world of infinite possibilities.

Space Nation plans to find like-minded Top Tier projects or communities and create for them in the game:

  • A in-game faction
  • A Planet and Space Station
  • A well structured storyline and quests and reputations
  • A series of NFT collections, including artifact, crew members, etc.
  • More surprises

We hope that Space Nation can become a second homeland for these communities. In the game, find friends, enhance the community image, strengthen community consensus, and share community honors.


In March 2024, Space Nation formed a partnership with Ape Accelerator, with the jointly released Ape Odyssey NFT as the starting point of the collaboration.

A total of 300 Ape Odyssey's were issued, each selling for 0.3ETH. Its appearance is a Golden Record, inspired by: In 1977, humans placed a Golden Record aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft and sent it off into what was then uncharted space. Several hundred years later, when mankind had settled in Oikos, it was finally returned. Voyager 1, as it turns out, found its way to a planet inhabited entirely by apes. The delegation that returned the record told the humans they brought it back in hopes of trading it for another. “They had grown bored with this one.”

We hope that users of the Ape community can truly integrate into the Space Nation community and have the opportunity to become comfortable Space Nation as their second homeland in the future. We have designed the following benefits for it:

  • Airdrop of a ‘Prime Navigator’ Genesis PFP
  • Special feats of strength achievements
  • Access to the Closed Beta
  • Whitelist to T1/T2/T3 mining ship mint
  • Whitelist to a special NFT Crew of APE Aliens at the game launch
  • Whitelist of future APE featured NFTs in Space Nation Games
  • Access to in-game APE cosmetics
  • Access to APE Plant, Space Station and Storyline