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One Page for Space Nation

On this page, you can quickly understand what Space Nation is currently doing, what is most worthy of attention, and how to quickly get started with the project.

Closed Beta I

Closed Beta I is Space Nation's first full functional game test. This version provides a series of main and side missions, from resource collection to complete economic cycle of spaceship manufacturing, PVP, Proof of Contribution that rewards OIK token and other gameplay. Anyone who owns any NFT of Space Nation, or has an activation code can enter.

More information about Closed Beta I:

What you can explore in Closed Beta I

Manual Books

Space Nation NFTs

NFTGo to MarketplaceContract
Alpha Gate
Prime Navigator
Enforcer Founder Edition
Tier 1 Combat Ship
Tier 2 Combat Ship
Tier 1 Mining Ship

For detailed information about NFT, please click here.

Space Nation Account and Logistikos

Whether it's entering game testing or participating in events, a Space Nation account is essential. Click here to register for an account.

Logistikos is the user platform of Space Nation. Users can participate in activities on the platform to win ORB, whitelist, airdrops, activation codes, and other rewards. For detailed information about Logistikos, please click here.

Immutable zkEVM

Space Nation and Immutable have reached a strategic partnership and will deploy Space Nation Online on Immutable zkEVM. Immutable zkEVM is a highly performant and highly secure Ethereum L2 Chain. If you want to interact with Space Nation's contract on Immutable zkEVM, such as buying spaceships, buying or selling CHR, buying fuel, you need to bridge your funds to Immutable zkEVM. Here is a detailed guide on how to bridge funds.