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The Spaceship NFT plays a significant role in the Space Nation Project as it serves as the primary and most valuable in-game asset for players. This NFT enables players to engage in various in-game activities, including construction, collection, piloting, and trading of diverse spaceship types. With the Spaceship NFT, players can participate in battles, mining, and explorations.

Spaceships in Space Nation are categorized into 7 Tiers ranging from T0 to T6, varying in size from individual ships at only 30 meters in length to motherships around 10 to 20 kilometers in length. Each player who joins the game will receive a T0 spaceship for free and can start playing the game. As they advance, players can acquire higher tier spaceships through construction, purchase, or even rental, enabling them to embark on exciting ventures in deep space.

We, as the game official, will only sell a select number of T1 to T3 spaceships in the early stages of game development to accelerate the overall game progress. However, once the game attains stability, we will discontinue selling these regular spaceships, as they are crucial assets in the game's circulation and should be predominantly generated by the game's manufacturing system. All regular spaceships can be constructed in the game, and T4 and above spaceships will ONLY be constructed by players and guilds within the game, to ensure that game balance is not impacted. Nevertheless, the official will continue to provide players with unique and iconic spaceships, such as those wholly designed by Roland Emmerich or those designed in collaboration with real-life brands or special holiday editions.

Players who own spaceship NFTs will be rewarded with special bonuses and buffs in future Web2 Space Nation subsidiary games, and they will be able to cross-play their spaceship NFTs with those in other upcoming Web3 Space Nation subsidiary games.