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Prime Navigator

The Prime Navigator is a symbol of identity within Space Nation, comprising 3,000 generative characters with 100+ unique hand-drawn features that have been deployed on the Ethereum network. Prime Navigator holders will receive substantial rewards, airdrops, or priority purchasing rights through exclusive activities. Active participation will enhance their status within the community and garner even more benefits.

Similar to Alpha Gate, Prime Navigator does not directly associate with the gaming system. Its mission is to establish connections with the external ecosystem. However, different from Alpha Gate, we have prepared a series of immersive gamified activities for Prime Navigator holders. These activities allow them to delve deeper into understanding Space Nation while earning even more rewards.

This represents more than just a transfer of rights; it symbolizes a commitment to exploring the unknown world and a relentless pursuit of building a better future together. This is a stage for dreams and practice. We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey of space exploration!