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IP Development

Space Nation is a unique project founded by game veterans Jerom Wu and Tony Tang alongside the acclaimed Hollywood directors Roland Emmerich and media entrepreneur Marco Weber acting as Executive IP Producer.

This combination of transmedia expertise locked in the foundation of the company will enable the developers, directors, and fans who comprise the future DAO to build a unique IP over time.

The core narrative of Space Nation is built around the galaxy of Telikos where survivors of a planetary disaster have managed to rebuild their society, but are now facing a threat of an invading alien aggressor. Together the players will be granted the power to make existential decisions. Will the humans flee, or stand and face their enemy together? Will they build an enormous ark to escape, or use all their ingenuity and resources to shape themselves into a military-industrial galaxy? With different factions reacting differently to the threat, with player’s choices influencing outcomes and surprising angles keeping the players in suspense it the result will be a “Humans vs Aliens” struggle unprecedented in interactive media.

The game is the centerpiece of the Space Nation movement with additional media supporting and expanding the game’s universe and IP over time. Space Nation will attract Sci-Fi fans from across the globe with a rich storyline, compelling characters, and immersive gameplay resulting in epic battles and based in a vibrant universe.

Alongside the game, we will announce a TV show produced and directed by founders Roland Emmerich and Marco Weber. The TV show will be designed to expand upon the world of the game and offers its own unique perspective on the story of Space Nation. Some of the TV show's characters will become part of the game (either from the start or when the TV show launches). The TV show will be promoted as a companion with the appropriate cross-promotions and tie-ins.

As we believe in the power of creation, Space Nation wants to support up-and-coming writers with a platform allowing them to put their skills on display through their thematic story writing. We will be working with our community to define themes that can deepen the game’s history or the current universe or could focus on specific fan-favorite characters or events. The books will be marketed to the fans of the game and/or the TV show, as well as to readers who are not yet familiar with the game or the TV show, but through these books will become interested in the wider Space Nation universe.

Our vibrant universe will be a continuously evolving dynamic universe facilitated by differentiated media, with content and storylines being added over time. This will keep the fans engaged and excited and will ensure it transcends the black space and white stars into a technicolor universe that feels like it is alive and breathing.