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Space Opera

"The end came not with a whisper, but with a deafening roar as the home planet exploded into a billion tiny fragments. In that moment of destruction, the fiery grip of the star seemed to engulf the planet, as if it were eager to claim its wayward child back into its embrace."


Welcome to Space Nation, a story of survivors, builders, and fighters. Climb into your own spaceship and prepare to explore the far reaches of space.

Your home world is destroyed, and you are placed in a state of hibernation for a long time. Awoken by the Parousians, descendants of the human race, you take refuge amongst them. Little did anyone know, the shadow of war would soon descend upon sentient life, plunging all of civilization from existence.

Interact with deadly pirates, engaging factions, "honorable" mercenaries, and a host of alien species, as you navigate through perilous environments, from binary star systems to treacherous asteroid fields, while unearthing the secrets of ancient space ruins, salvaging wreckage for valuable resources, or uncovering untold riches in uncharted territories.


You need to navigate the complex relationships between these three factions. Through a series of missions and tasks, you will encounter each faction and be obliged to work with them to achieve various objectives. Whether it is helping the Ayers launch an attack on a threat, aiding the Research League in their efforts to build new space stations, or negotiating with the Saints of the New Dawn to identify a nonviolent solution, you will need to adapt to the different approaches and priorities of each group. With each faction offering its own unique challenges and opportunities, your success will depend on your ability to navigate these complex relationships and emerge victorious in the face of a dark looming threat.

Other Life Forms

Within the vast expanse of the universe, there exist countless life forms traversing the cosmos. Some beings navigate the stars with honorable intentions, conducting legitimate business and forming alliances, while others engage in shady dealings, seeking to exploit anyone who crosses their path.


Ship captains will encounter any number of these beings and will engage in a variety of interactions with them, including intense battles, lucrative trades, and even the possibility of having them become part of their crew. The diversity of species in the Telikos Cluster provides a rich and exciting gameplay experience, with each encounter offering unique challenges and opportunities.

Battlegrounds Beyond the Stars

Ships disappear without a trace, signals drop out of range, and ghost ships are seen floating in space, all without any apparent explanation. As they gather at space stations and other social hubs, captains exchange worried whispers about the strange occurrences in the void. They voice their concerns about what could be causing these seemingly inexplicable anomalies and what fate awaits them if they too fall prey to such unknown dangers.