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Epic Battles


"As the enemy fleet closed in, their weapons blazing with deadly intent, humanity's only remaining hope lay in a colossal, planetary orbital gun that wielded the power of the suns."

Battles at scale are often determined by statistical advantages derived from the combination of ships, crews, modules, and fleet collaboration. However, these battles are more than just a numbers game.

The epitome of the PvE epic in our game is where final battles result from chained missions. These battles combine story, challenge, and scale, including special story items, turning captains into the tip of the spear. In these battles, victory is not just about strategic positioning or tactical prowess but also about embodying the spirit of the mission and achieving a sense of heroic fulfillment.

Next to the thrill of battles resulting from mission chains, the amazing friendships found in PvP battles stand as an equally important aspect of the game. Whether as a team of friends, or during a guild vs. guild vs. environment (GvGvE) set of battles where whole planets can be the outcome or the final prize. These battles bring players together and create lasting bonds that transcend the game itself.


Of course, being the captain of a massive battlecruiser is one side of the spectrum, but even the smallest ship can make a decisive impact with the right loadout. Such ships can function as stealthy assassins or suicide bombers, changing the tide of any battle with a single decisive move. In these battles, size doesn't matter as much as skill and cunning.

Special features, such as "Lethal Techniques", add a new layer of strategy to these battles. These techniques can deliver instant large-scale damage or powerful EMP equipment, becoming the trump card on the battlefield if and when played. In the end, battles at scale are won through a combination of skill, strategy, and the clever use of game mechanics.