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A Vibrant Universe


"As the fleet emerged from the cold, unyielding grip of hyperspace, they were greeted by a breathtaking sight. A kaleidoscope of colors painted the canvas of space before them, as if the very stars had burst into a magnificent symphony of light…"

Space Nation takes place in the far reaches of space, in a distant group of stars called the Telikos Cluster. In this system of stars and planets, remains humanity’s final hope. You.

This cluster is more than just black space and white stars. Your new home is populated with worlds to colonize, ancient structures to explore, asteroid belts to be mined, epic battles to be fought and space stations to be visited. Here you can trade and upgrade any ship you own.


The Telikos Cluster is wrought with dangers; from the shadow of a larger conflict creeping across the cosmos to pirates looking to steal ore from hard-working miners and other alien species that frown upon humans moving into their territory. Derelict ships from unending conflicts will be floating around the various star systems of Space Nation. Some of them hide untold dangers, others will hold wealth beyond imagination, or even give glimpses of hidden items and secrets to be discovered by the brave.

Relic Ruins

While the Parousians found a hospitable planet to build on, they were unaware that the Telikos Cluster was riddled with ancient structures. Who built these ruins? Where did the builders go? Now floating silently in space, any such ruin is a mystery waiting to be discovered.

Star Gates

There are many ways to traverse the Telikos Cluster. The primary means of traveling vast distances is to use the large, metal, ring-shaped structures found throughout each of the various systems. These can transport you to distant destinations at incredible speeds. With a proper chart of planetary routes, one will be able to reach any corner of the Cluster quickly.

Space Route

In order to travel through the vast universe, human pioneers built many facilities. Among them, the most conspicuous are the ring accelerators between important planets and space stations. They use multiple ring of facilities to help the passing spacecraft enter super high speed, like the route in the old days.