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World-Class Crypto Gaming Team To Launch 'SpaceNation' In The New Year

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SpaceNation's vision is to build a living, breathing space universe that people with different motives can live in & can fight for. With a 25MM USD backing, SpaceNation is set launch its innovative crypto-gaming technology in the new year.


Through the use of blockchain, they are introducing a GameFi system that integrates P4F (play-for-fun) and P2E (play-to-earn). This unique system will be perfect for both Web2 gamers and Web3 enthusiasts as it allows users to both have fun and make money at the same time.

Exploring SpaceNation: Onboarding The Details

SpaceNation is a vast gaming ecosystem that incorporates a variety of exciting features. However, I condensed some of the key details to help you understand the project better.

DUO TOKEN: This game has many interesting aspects that make it a complete ecosystem where players can be immersed in the universe. Through the duo token system, users will be able to participate in both governance ($OIK) and in-game currency ($CHR).

The governance token is mainly used by investors and contributors to value the game in its entirety while the in-game currency makes this universe come to life with economics.

As a bonus to make the game even more immersive, there is also a 'Fuel Token'. This token represents the game's most valuable and rarest material (Eternium). Players will have to attain this material to access high-quality content. Serving as a utility token, this will give players an edge in their gaming experience.

NFTs: Integration of non-fungible tokens is also included in this game. From ships to the crew, to weapons, and more, users can collect their own set of digital assets that they will be able to use and show off to other gamers. This will give

the game has a realistic and connected atmosphere where users can truly explore the universe.

SpaceNation NFTs are part of an open system, meaning that other popular NFT collections can be integrated into this game. For example, BAYC could be the Ape Race Crew. This creates a new level of interoperability that unlocks the potential for any NFT within the SpaceNation ecosystem.

PERSONALIZED 3D AVATARS: Being able to bring your own unique personal look to the game will help players feel like they are part of the universe. This 3D Avatar system will allow users to customize their own character, which will be a reflection of their personality.

Enabled by a webcam with tech support from Facegood and Dawa, an accurate representation of the player's real face will be used to give the avatar a more realistic look.

Triple A Gaming Title Built For Both Earners And Players

The problem that many other GameFi projects encountered was the challenge of adhering to multiple gaming preferences. Some gamers wanted to remove themselves from real monetary value while earners that were spending their time in the game wanted financial gain. SpaceNation has come up with a solution to bridge this gap.


The team behind the project has put their combined effort into creating an AAA gaming title that caters to both types of gamers, making sure to not exclude any type of player.

It has become a universe where everyone can explore the digital space while earning money at the same time.

The team has also integrated a fair and balanced gaming system that rewards players for their time and effort. It's an intricate system that involves a variety of rewards, such as exclusive items, limited edition ships, and even the ability to switch from a Web2 to a Web3 experience.

Gamers with different preferences will be able to play together while some earn an income and others sit back and play just for fun.

This combination enables a more diverse and inclusive gaming experience, where everyone can have a piece of the action.

Gaming Veterans Developing With Novel Technologies

A World Class Team: Co-founders are Tony Tang, Master of MMO development with 15+ years of experience, leading a veteran MMO dev team, Roland Emmerich, World class movie director, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Midway, Moonfall, Jerome Wu, 19-year industry veteran, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, Marco Weber, serial and visionary entrepreneur, founded and built multiple companies on three continents throughout his career in the Media and Technology sector.

Gaming has evolved through blockchain technology due to the ever-growing world of NFTs and other tokenized digital assets. The new techs and tools will make it easier to use the integration, and it will be more convenient and secure.

True ownership can be achieved through the use of tokenized assets, so gamers will be able to enjoy the games in a new way.

SpaceNation is a next-gen online game that is taking this to a whole new level. As such, an assembly of top-tiered gaming veterans is the one behind it. Together, they have many years of experience in creating highly successful titles and being able to take full advantage of the new techs available.

The team is developing a groundbreaking online game that will be built on top of novel technologies but is based on the Fantasy Westward Journey ecosystem.

Fantasy Westward Journey is an MMORPG that has found success for over two decades now. They have an in-game currency that has withstood the test of time. Now, the team behind SpaceNation is creating a brand new system inspired by their success and enhanced with blockchain technology and modern development tools.

The team is composed of experts in production, economics, and technology, and has experience working for some of the most prominent gaming companies in the industry. They are working hard to bring a game that will be revolutionary and can potentially become one of the leading titles on the market of not just Web3 but online MMORPG in general.

SpaceNation’s Platform: Launching Into The Future!

The road map for SpaceNation is ambitious, but as mentioned earlier, the team behind the project has the experience to back it up. In early 2023, the team expects to begin its first Ship NFT sale. By the end of 2023, the game is set to launch along with an early announcement of a movie to further build the IP and brand of SpaceNation.


In the end, SpaceNation is revolutionizing the way we think of gaming and crypto-gaming. With its dual-sided system, the team is providing a space where both gamers and earners can come together and experience the best of what gaming has to offer.

SpaceNation has the potential to break beyond boundaries and lead the way as the next-gen GameFi brand.

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